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Gatwick Airport Parking

We have a selection of full and half meet and greet products available at Gatwick Airport. Below are some of the products on offer. For further information please call us on 0845 200 0199.

Meteor Meet & Greet Parking

- Distance from Airport: You will be met at the airport terminal
- Transfer Frequency: not required
- Transfer Charge: not required
- Cars are parked in a fully secured car park with CCTV and 24 hour patrols.

I Love Meet & Greet

- Distance from Airport: Transfers not required
- Transfer Frequency: Transfers not required
- Transfer Charge: Not applicable
- Lighting, CCTV, peripheral fencing, locked gates, manned 24 hours a day.

Help-me-Park Meet and Greet Parking

- Distance from Airport: transfers not required
- Transfer Frequency: transfers not required
- Transfer Charge: transfers not required
- Car parks have the Park Mark Safer Parking Award. We have CCTV, 24 Hour security presence, secure fencing and alarmed offices.